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Complete Bathroom Renovation

Here is a list of common services involved in a bathroom renovation

v Demolition

* Demolition and clean-up.

v Plumbing

* Plumbing work (new pipes, fittings, rough-ins)
* Toilet installation
* Sink and faucet installation
* Bathtub/shower installation (tub, shower pan, shower head, valves)

v Electrical

* Electrical work (new wiring, outlets, lighting)
* Installing pot lights
* Underfloor heating

v Tiling

* Tile installation for floors, walls, shower area
* Waterproofing for shower area

v Fixtures and Finishes

* Vanity installation
* Countertop installation
* Mirror installation
* Toilet paper holder, towel racks
* Door and trim installation
* Painting and wallpapering

v General Contracting

* Framing and drywall work
* Project management and coordination

The key services revolve around plumbing, electrical, tiling, and installation of new fixtures like vanities, toilets, bathtubs/showers. Demolition, framing, drywall, painting and other general contracting work is also typically required for a full bathroom gut renovation.

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Complete Bathroom Renovation

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Tub to Walk-In Shower Conversion

Here is a breakdown of common services for a walk-in shower conversion

v Demolition

* Removal of existing bathtub, tiles, fixtures
* Disposal of old materials

v Plumbing

* Relocating drain lines
* Installing new shower drain
* Rerouting water supply lines
* Shower valve and trim installation

v Waterproofing

* Installing waterproof membrane or hot mop
* Sloping floor towards drain

v Tiling

* Floor tiling installation
* Wall tiling installation up to ceiling
* Tiling shower niche/shelves
* Sealing grout lines

v Glass Enclosure

* Measuring and installation of frameless glass panels
* Door tracks and hardware installation

v Fixtures and Finishes

* Shower head and arm installation
* Shower bench installation
* Grab bar installation
* Niche/shelf installation

v Finishing Touches

* Applying grout and sealant
* Caulking around glass and fixtures
* Painting or wallpapering

v Electrical (optional)

* Installing recessed lighting
* Exhaust fan installation
* Heated floor installation

The key aspects are demolishing the old tub area, updating plumbing, waterproofing, tiling floors and walls, installing the glass enclosure, and adding new fixtures like shower heads and benches. Electrical work for lighting, vents or heated floors may also be included.
This conversion requires coordinating plumbing, waterproofing, tiling, glass and fixture specialists for a seamless final product. Proper waterproofing and sloping is critical to prevent leaks.

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Tub to Walk-In Shower Conversion

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New Bathroom Installation

Here is a breakdown of common services for a new bathroom installation

v Framing & Structural

* Framing for new walls
* Installing headers for doorways
* Reinforcing floor joists if needed

v Plumbing Rough-In

* Running drain lines
* Venting pipes through roof/walls
* Installing supply lines for fixtures

v Electrical Rough-In

* Wiring for lights, outlets, exhaust fans
* Installing junction boxes

v Insulation & Vapor Barrier

* Insulating exterior walls
* Installing vapor barrier

v Drywall & Cement Board

* Hanging and taping drywall
* Installing cement board for tiled areas

v Tiling

* Floor tiling installation
* Wall tiling installation
* Tiling tub/shower area

v Door & Trim Installation

* Hanging bathroom door
* Installing baseboards and trim

v Plumbing Finish

* Setting tub and shower fixtures
* Installing toilet and sink
* Connecting supply and drain lines

v Electrical Finish

* Installing light fixtures
* Wiring and installing exhaust fan
* Installing GFCI outlets

v Vanity & Accessories

* Vanity cabinet installation
* Countertop installation
* Mirror and hardware installation

v Painting & Finishing Touches

* Painting walls and trim
* Caulking and grouting tile
* Final fixture installations

For a brand new bathroom, the process starts with framing the room and running new plumbing and electrical lines. Insulation, drywall, and cement board provide the base layers before tiling can begin.

All plumbing and electrical fixtures are installed, followed by the vanity, mirror, door and final trim. Painting and caulking are the last finishing touches.

Coordinating plumbers, electricians, tilers, drywallers, and a general contractor is key for a proper new bathroom installation sequence.

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New Bathroom Installation

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